We offer hearty beef burgers, nachos, chicken nuggets, pom poms, etc. If you wish to order food, please call ahead or order here on site. For larger parties, see buffets further down the page!

All prices include VAT and exclude drinks.

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Cheddar burgers 119:-
Salad, homemade smoky dressing cheddar cheese & pickled red onion + fries 149kr, extra meat 40kr.
Cheese & bacon burgers 129 kr
Salad, homemade smoky dressing, cheddar cheese, bacon & pickled red onion + fries 159kr, extra meat 40k
Jalapeño burger 129 kr
Salad, homemade smoky dressing cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeño & pickled red onion + fries 159kr, extra meat 40kr.
Halloumi burgers 129 kr
Salad, cheddar cheese, chili mayo & pickled red onion + chips 159kr extra halloumi 40kr
Kids Meal 75 kr
Choose between burger + fries or 6 chicken nuggets + fries & dip. Incl. Smile
Pizza fr 95 kr
Margherita, Hawaii, Pepperoni & Vegetarian
Pommeskorg 49 kr
with dip
Nachotalrik 59 kr
Cheese & salsa. + taco meat & jalapeño 85kr
chicken nuggets 55 kr
With dip + fries 85kr
Dessert glasses 55 kr
Tiramisu, Lime, Ciocclato
Krusovice Fat 40 cl 69 kr
Mariestad 50 cl 72 kr
Krusovice 33 cl 62 kr
Ship full of IPA 33 cl 69 kr
Sleepy Bulldog 33 cl 69 kr
Heineken 3,5% 33 cl 52 kr
Non-alcoholic beer 39 kr
Briska Cider 33 cl 59 kr
White/Red glass of wine 65 kr
White/Red wine (bottle) 295 kr
Sparkling wine (bottle) 399 kr
Champagne (bottle) 645 kr