VR is something that suits everyone, welcome to the virtual adventure. But you must be at least 10 years old and we have different age limits depending on which experience/game you choose.
Action/Zombie is from 12 years and adventure is from 10 years.

You can change or cancel your appointment free of charge up to 7 days before, see below for full terms and conditions.

The booking is binding, cancellation or change must be made at least 7 days before your booked time. Thereafter, 70% of the booking cost will be charged for no-shows. To reschedule a booking later than 7 days before, a rescheduling fee of 30% will be charged. To cancel email info@vrextreme.se. Cancellations are only valid on presentation of a cancellation confirmation by email. The law on distance contracts / right of withdrawal does not apply as this is a booked activity on a specific day and for a limited period of time.

Up to 6 people can play at the same time but you can book for up to 60 people. We will then divide you into groups of 6 people.

If you are 2 or a smaller group of less than 6 people, you may have to share the arena with others.

From arrival time, it takes about 45 minutes, including about 15 minutes for registration, preparation and briefing, and 30 minutes in the VR world. The time you book in is approximate subject to any delays.

Please arrive at least 20min before your booked time.

Of course, our facility and arena are handicapped accessible.

VR Extreme is part of Gokartcentralen in Gothenburg and is located in the same premises. There is a large paid parking right outside the entrance.

Bergslagsgatan 6
41104 Gothenburg

+4631-15 15 18

You can borrow all VR equipment from us, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We advise against shoes with higher heels.

Of course, we have a restaurant with a bar filled with delicious drinks. Read more about our offer here

We can accommodate groups of up to 60 people, for more information email info@vrextreme.se or call us on 031-15 15 18.

Pregnant depending on the person, when you may feel dizzy. People under the influence of heavy medication, alcohol or drugs.

All VR games and stays on the site are at your own risk. Parents/adults are responsible for their children. Absolutely zero tolerance with alcohol and drug impaired. Staff have the right to exclude participants if intoxication is suspected.

All customers take personal responsibility for their valuables and should wear unmarked clothing. We have lockers in which you can lock your valuables during your stay with us.

Absolutely, VR Extreme is part of Gokartcentralen and is located in the same premises as Gokartcentralen Gothenburg which is one of Sweden's largest and coolest indoor go-kart track. We also have food, bar, conference, various arcade games, shuffleboard and billiards.

Read more here https://vrextreme.se/aktiviteter

Comfortable shoes, we advise against shoes with higher heels.

You need to be in place 20 minutes before your booked time for registration and briefing.

It is usually possible to wear smaller glasses under the VR headset. For most people, playing without glasses is usually not a problem. The VR screen is so close to your eyes that you can usually see fine anyway. If you are able to wear lenses, it is recommended that you do so during your visit.